A selection of recent commercials produced to promote the syndicated daytime lineup on The CW Network affiliate stations all around the U.S.
Bob's Burgers and Family Guy 20 second commercial promoting the mid-day animation block on the CW Affiliate Stations nationwide
Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad 20 second commercial promoting the mid-day animation block on the CW Affiliate Stations nationwide
Working as an artist and promo producer at The CW Television network producing 15, 20 & 30-second commercial promos for the Plus network's daytime talk lineup, which I call 'chair throwers' ( my term, not the network's ). One of the challenges of that type of work is making something out of not much. We are supplied with clip reels and stills of people behaving badly in various ways and asked to put something together that sells a group of shows under a single concept.
It helps to have a sense of humor and to let it out sometimes.
A common consideration with these shows is audio. The majority of the time, people are yelling over one another. There are many bleeps, audio drops, and things that will not get past the censors. We often find a 10-minute clips reel, with bytes sliced up into less than 30 frame edits. 
It is not lost on me that these are mostly over-the-top people doing mostly terrible things, but a challenge is a challenge and sometimes it's fun to try to make something out of the limited material we are given. 
Though these shows are really leaning hard on the low-brow, it is sometimes possible to find something, a single element, that you can build a whole spot around. 
The stripper in the clown makeup on the Jerry Springer show is a perfect example. From an 18-minute clip reel, the clown clip was perhaps only 20 frames, but it was the one element where I could pull both a color palette for the graphics and a concept for the sell copy.
Extra bonus for actually getting Jerry to read the lines for me after the fact in the audio booth. 
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